Extra 330

  • 60cc Extra 330 SC 93″


    Wing span:93 in /2362.2mm;
    Wing area: 110.7sq.dm;
    Length: 90.9 in / 2311mm;
    weight: 7800-8000g ;
    Radio:6 chanels 6 servos (not included)
    Engine:DLE 60CC(not included)
    Spinner: 3.75″ (not included)
    Prop:23*10 (not included)

  • 100cc Extra 330 SC 106″


    Wing Span:106in/2700mm;
    Wing Area:138sq.dm;
    Fuselage Length:94.5in/2486mm;
    Flying Weight:11700g;
    Radio:6Channels 11Servos;  NOT INCLUDE
    Engine:100CC;  NOT INCLUDE
    Oracover film,
    Carbon fiber landing gear and tail wheel piece,
    Carbon fiber main tube and stabilizer tube.
    Rubber PU wheel with Alu Alloy Hub.
    Fuselage  comes with carbon fiber rod.

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